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Dinner for One

Lots, as Sutanya tells us – the challenges with language, culture, expectations and living together fulltime in a new city is laid bare. I think we could all see a bit of ourselves in here and how it could happen. Her expectations and skin-deep self-confidence give way to real life.


What to do after the marriage is over and Sutanya is a 30 something divorcee living in the city of light? Should she go back to all that is familiar or should she stay…


I have not heard a story like this – but I know many of us will relate. Sutanya’s journey out of that life and into being herself is a beautiful thing – full of very human ups and downs, mistakes, small successes, and the discovery of pleasure.


Sutanya’s pleasure is to cook a meal for herself every night. The ritual comforts and slowly shows her what’s the most important things in her life. Sutanya finds her identity.


Well written with some themes I had not encountered before, such as racism and race encountered by being a black woman, identity, living as a foreign divorcee in Paris and being an American.


She makes the obvious observation that most bloggers and writer about Paris are white, middle class and don’t really show you their real world.


Sutanya does.



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