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Memoirs and biographies

What lives some people live… Here are the books about those who have been inspired by France or made an impact on it. Enjoy – I hope it inspires you to live your dream life.


By Sonia Purnell
WW2’s most wanted spy in France: female, American and with a wooden leg… 

A woman of no importance

I loved this book. There I have said it. I have pinned my colours to the mast and made a big statement.  Its the true-life story of an Australian family (mum, dad and three children) who head to Sommières, southern France for a year. Mum is the author and what a funny author she is.  This is Rachael and her husband Keiths dream – to take the children on a ‘character building’, ‘life changing’ experience. It takes a lot of effort, lists of things to be done and then, voila, here they are. Maybe I loved it because I am a ‘kiwi’ (from New Zealand, which neighbours Australia) and I got the jokes within the writing, the humour, and the experiences. Or maybe it was just that I had never read a book before about taking a young family to France.

Dinner for One: How cooking in Paris saved me (a memoir)

Author: Sutanya Dacres

Well, this book was an unexpected pleasure… I picked it up at my local library without even knowing what it was about…the picture of the Eiffel Tower on the cover and the word “Paris” was enough to make me check it out.


This is a memoir of Sutanya Dacres life to date. Sutanya may be known to many as the podcaster who does


This book tells the very relatable story of her fairy tale love affair with The French Man (TFM) and their long-distance relationship and subsequent marriage in Paris… oh la la.


What could possibly go wrong??


Dinner for One.jpg

Waking up in Paris

A new life?

“Paris has no tolerance for or patience with anything fake or cheap or ugly, and includes what is inside of you, as well.  I believe that is the secret gift of Paris and the real reason it casts such a spell on people all over the world. It demands that you recognise and insist on the most beautiful version of life, inside and out”.



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