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Waking up in Paris 

“Paris has no tolerance for or patience with anything fake or cheap or ugly, and includes what is inside of you, as well.  I believe that is the secret gift of Paris and the real reason it casts such a spell on people all over the world. It demands that you recognise and insist on the most beautiful version of life, inside and out”.


The ‘waking up’ in the title of this book is Sonia Choquette discovering herself in the place she’s decided to call home, Paris.


Although Sonia has visited the city of light before, when her life falls apart and a courageous new direction is required, she moves with her daughter to Paris for a new home and a new life, but can she become a new person?


Loved this book, it resonated with me – who hasn’t dreamed of not having to leave Paris? Not having to go home to your own life but just staying there…


Sonia encourages challenges, problems, and Parisians (!!) but she also discovers new aspects to herself, and that personal growth can be painful.


She tells her story with honesty and humour. Sometimes she’s a klutz and somethings she’s a warrior.  Somehow, she’s finds it all balances out; people are more resilient and resourceful then you ever dream, and new lives are possible in the city of love.


Some of you may know Sonia from her work as an author, spiritual teacher, and six-sensory consultant. I didn’t know this was her space and the dimension of ‘being where you should be’ and ‘learning the lessons you needed to learn’ added an interesting layer to this story.


I can tell this is one of those books that I would like to read again in a year or two…and I want to know what happens next…

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