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Parisian by Design

Image by William Krause

Review continued

American designer David Jimenez is living a beautiful life. This coffee table book, authored by Diane Dorrans Saeks, lets us into his private word through the most beautiful visual journeys around his living and working spaces.


I say beautiful because the interiors are stunning. Who lives like that? Who cares? The photos are just a visual delight.


I certainly don’t but alongside the images of his Ile Saint-Louis apartment and design studio, the Avenue Marceau apartment before that and his drop-dead-gorgeous country retreat, I detected a story of hard work in honing his natural design skills, his professionalism, a focus on absolutely quality in terms of design and expectations and a huge love of French design and style.


David has created a life for himself that surrounds him with what he loves. Power to him.


What was unique about this books approach was the sharing of so much information about where David sources his inspiration and products. I enjoyed reading about the artisans and treasurer seekers who have helped him create these sumptuous living spaces. I made a note to visit the florist Oz Gardens (page 210 – written in my notebook…)  when in Paris.


I also loved his sharing of French identified colours. Here he provides the colours that symbol French interiors and what name and number he uses in his design. WOW. In the future, when I live in a fully French inspired house (that’s never going to actually happen you understand…) , I will know that Rose Poudre, from Ressource, is the colour I want.


My only grump about this book was the typeface size was a bit small for comfortable reading.

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